Amy Lockhart Curriculum Vitae


2013 MFA

1998-99 Helen Hill's Experimental Animation Class, Atlantic Filmmaker's Co-op, Halifax, NS


2017: Notable Works, Best American Comics, Puppy Love                                                        2015: Lifetime Achievement Award, Ed Video, Guelph, ON .                                                      2011: production grant, Canada Council for the Arts                                                           >MIAF award, THE COLLAGIST, Melbourne International Animation Festival
2006: Bell Canada Award, WALK FOR WALK, Photophobia 8 International Film Festival
2005: Honourable Mentions, WALK FOR WALK, Bearded Child Film Festival
2004: post production grant, BC Arts Council FAP grant, National Film Board
2003: Audience Choice Award, MISS EDMONTON TEENBURGER 1983 IN, IT’S PARTY TIME!, The Bearded Child Festival
2002: production grant, Canada Council for the Arts
2001: best animation, THE DEVIL LIVES IN HOLLYWOOD, Chicago Underground Film Festival
2000: honourable mentions, THE DEVIL LIVES IN HOLLYWOOD, Ann Arbor Film Festival professional development grant, Nova Scotia Arts Counci


2019: Artist Residency, DAIMON - Hull, QC      2012: Visiting Artist Residency, Centre for Cartoon Studies, White River Junction, VT
2007: Visiting Artist Instructor, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
2006: Artist Residency, Struts Gallery, Sackville, NB
Film Is Dead, Long Live Film!, LIFT Residency, Toronto, ON
2005: Artist Residency, C.S.S.S.A., California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA                    2004: Hot House Fellowship, National Film Board, Montreal, PQ                                          2000: Quickdraw Animation Society, 5 month residency, Calgary, AB


2018: PondLife “Spring”, 1 min., after effects puppet animation, commission for Adult Swim                                                                    >PondLife “Summer”, 1 min., after effects puppet animation, commission for Adult Swim                                                                      >Those Shoes, 13 min., flash animation, commission for Super Deluxe      >, interactive website, series of 60+ short videos with animated special effects                                                                      >, 3 min. live action video with animated special effects 2017: Rick and Morty exquisite corpse bumper, 30 sec., stop-motion  2016: Slipping Away, 5 min., flash animation, music video for Diana 2015: Untitled, Ways of Something, 30 sec., amiga emulator dpaint animation                                                                                                              2014: Henry’s Kittens, 1 min., amiga emulator dpaint animation >Jessica, 5 min., paper puppet and cut out animation                            2013: Milk, video, 10sec., amiga emulator dpaint animation
>Water, video, 30sec., amiga emulator dpaint animation
>Rudy, video, 1min., amiga emulator dpaint animation
>Man Run, video, 30sec., amiga emulator dpaint animation
>Sleeping Beauty, video, 30sec., amiga emulator dpaint animation
2012: Stalking Water, video, 30sec., amiga emulator dpaint animation (commissioned for Peter Burr's Special Effect)
>Landscape, video, 8min., amiga emulator dpaint animation (commissioned for Hello Amiga!)
2010: Dizzler in MASKHERAID trailer, video, 2min., paper puppet and cut out animation
2009: The Collagist, video, 2min., paper puppet and cut out animation
2008: Doodleman, video, 1.5min., drawn animation
>Head Spin, video, 30 sec., drawn animation
2006: Tell Mumsy I Love Her, 16mm and video, 1min., live action and animation (commissioned for LIFT’s 25th Anniversary project FILM IS DEAD! LONG LIVE FILM!)
2005: Walk for Walk, 16mm, 10min., drawn, puppet, cut out animation
>Lady Flex, 16mm, 1min., drawn animation
2004: A Single Tear, video, 1.5min., animation, produced at the N.F.B.
2002: Miss Edmonton TeenBurger 1983 in, You're Eternal..., video, 6min., live action and animation
2001: Miss Edmonton Teenburger 1983 in, It's Party Time!, video, 17min., live action and animation
1999: The Devil Lives in Hollywood, 16mm colour, 6min., drawn animation
>BONK!, 16mm colour, 30sec., animation, collaboration with Marc Bell
>Monkey Clouds, 16mm b&w, 2min., hand processed film
1998: Sylva Lining, 16mm colour, 1min., cut out animation
1997: WASPS, super8 b&w, 4min., cut out animation
>Star Trek, super8 b&w, 2min., live action

Artists Books and Published Works


2019: Ditch Life, graphic novel, Fantagraphics Underground Publishing      >Lumpen Comics Book issue 134 Anthology, Lumpen Publishing        >Now with more animals, artist book, Printorium Publishing                        >CHECK OUT MY NEW INSTA, artist book, Printorium Publishing                  2016: Looking Inward, artist book, Colour Code Publishing                              >Puppy Love, Magic Whistle Anthology 3.2, Alternative Comics                      2014: Landscapes, Self-Published artist book                                              >Pipe Ladies, Self-Published artist book                                                          2012: Making A Small Recording Cardboard Studio In My Living Room Bedroom Studio, labor, Num 1
>WOOD TWO, Blackwood Gallery Publication
2011: Give up the Ghost, Feminismes Electriques, La Centrale et Les Editions du remue-menage
2009: Dirty Dishes, Petits Livres, Drawn and Quarterly
2008: DAMP: Contemporary Vancouver Media Art, Anvil Press                      >Snow White Kitten, Self-Published Art book
2007: The Ganzfeld 5: Japanada, The Dizzler in Mask Her Aid comic
2006: NOGADOD, various works, historical anthology of psychadoolic Canadian art, Conundrum Press                                                                          2005: Dirty Dishes, Self-Published Art book
2004: Scheherazade, collection of comics by women, Soft Skull Press
>Arthur Magazine, various comic strips including It’s getting Apocalyptic
2003: MADE magazine, collection of art from Walk for Walk animation
2002: Homesick magazine, series of paintings, review of Canadian artists  >Strawbaby 1 and 2, Self-Published artist book

Solo Exhibitions

2019: Now with more animals., Weird Things, Toronto, ON                                              >Babyssscrib, Western Pole, Chicago, IL              2014: Oh My Gawd I Married My Mother, Weird Things, Toronto, ON                                            2013: Recent Scenes, Parentheses Gallery, Halifax, NS                                                          >Jessica, Boarding House Gallery, Guelph, ON
2012: Ladies, Forest City Gallery, London, ON
Ladies, KRETS Gallery, Malmo, Sweden
>The Collagist, Franklin Art Works, Minneapolis, MN
2010: Give Up The Ghost, Stride Gallery, Calgary, AB
>Give Up The Ghost, AKA Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
2009: Give Up The Ghost, La Centrale Gallerie Powerhouse, Montreal, PQ
2007: Walk for Walk Cut Out, Community Outreach Gallery, London, ON
2006: Faking It, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2005: Walk for Walk Launch, Access Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1999: Quality of Life, Khyber Center for the Arts, Halifax, NS

The Dizzler, still from the animation by Amy Lockhart
The Dizzler in Maskeraid stop motion animation using cutout puppets

Installations and Community Projects

2019: collaborative fanfiction installation with FFTWINZS, Contrast Film Festival, Austin, TX                                                2018: Green Room Live!, DIY Virtual Reality = live projection of interactive green screen room, GIRAF Fest., Calgary, AB.                              >Hailstone Live!, collaboration with musician Evan Gordon, Kazoo Fest., Guelph, ON  2015-2017: Dominion of Chuckles, experimental multi-media performance event, Chicago, IL .    >Spirit Walk, collaboration with sound artist Evan Gordon, Guelph, ON                                          2011: Moving Images, collaborative video and installation, Art City, Winnipeg, MB
2008: The Saggy Tagger; A Gangster Safari Musical, set design, Red Bird Studios, Montreal, PQ
>Super Sweet Birthday Party Parade, collaborative performance and installation, Art City, Winnipeg, MB
2005: Mean Lady v.s. Innocent Teenburger plus Bukkake, Vazaleen, Lee’s Palace, Toronto, ON
>The Puffer Division, group drawing performance, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004: Haunted Department Store, collaborative performance and installation, Art City, Winnipeg, MB



2019: Malt Adult #13, Babyscastles, New York, NY                                                           >Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH                                              >Skylab, Columbus, OH                                >Weird Things Gallery, Toronto, ON

2018: British Film Institute, Southbank, England                                                          >Sleep Center Gallery, New York, NY          >Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, LA

2017: Show and Tell, N.Y. Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY                >Metamorphosis Animation Tour, New Deer Productions, Japan .                                    >Butter Elbow Animation Festival, Chicago, Taipei                                                        >Automata Arts, Los Angeles, California        >Looks Alone, A.G. Geiger Art Book Fair, China Town, Los Angeles, CA                  >Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary, AL                                                                          >Malt Adult #3, Columbus College of Art and Design

2016: Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, NY                                                              >Animate Projects, Whitechapel/Close up Cinema, London, UK                                    >Edge of Frame, DIY Space for London, London, England

2015: Off The Air, Adult Swim Network    >Setskatzen Gallery, Vienna, Austria >Videofag, Toronto, ON                                >Saw Gallery, Ottawa, ON                          >Groupe Intervention Video, Montreal, PQ      >Eyeworks Film Festival, Chicago, IL >BiBolBul Comics Festival, Cineteca di Bologna, Italy                                                  >CAKE Comic Arts Festival, Chicago, IL      >Bloc Books prasentiert Animations filmnachmittag im Vary, Leipzig, Germany >Ink and Print, Philalalia Print Fair, Philadelphia, PA                                          >Border Blaster, KCETLink public media station, Los Angeles, CA                            >Head Space Animation Showcase, Spectacle Theatre, Brooklyn, NY

2014: Animation Breakdown Roundup! Free-For-All, Cinefamily, Los Angeles, CA  >Animasivo, Mexico City, Mexico      >Animation Block Party, Brooklyn, NY >Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI                                                                          >Bay Street Film Festival, Thunder Bay, ON >Chicago Butter Elbow Animation Festival, Chicago, IL                                                      >GIRAF Animation Festival, Calgary, AB  >Club EX, Korean Film Archive, Seoul, Korea >Greta Gallery, Zagreb, HR                                >8th St. Petersburg International Festival of Films, St. Petersburg, RU                          >Human Trust Cinema, Shibuya, JP >Yokohama Jack and Betty, JP                >Theater Umeda, JP                                    >Kyoto Cinema, JP                                      >Sapporo Theatre Kino, JP                        >Nagoya Cinema Skhole, JP                      >Kobe Art Village Center, JP              >Sakurazaka Gekijou, Okinawa, JP >Kanazawa Cine Monde, JP                    >Cinema Clare, Okoyama, JP              >Hiroshima Salon Cinema, JP                  >Niigata Cine Window, JP

2013: Parallel Lines, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL                >Autopic Festival, Minneapolis, MN          >Scissors and Tape, Saskatoon, SK >Experimental Film Festival, Portland Cinema Project, Portland, OR                  >Parallel Lines: Comics and Animation, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH            >Ottawa International Animation Festival, Nuit Blanche, Ottawa, ON                >Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Oberhausen, Germany          >Gridlords, Cinefamily, Los Angeles, CA >Time Farmers, Joshua Tree, CA              >Studio Current, Seattle, WA              >Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, PA                                                                        >Truck Gallery, Calgary, AB                    >Gridlords, Hollywood Theatre, Portland, OR >Cinefamily, Los Angeles, CA                        >Time Farmers, Joshua Tree, CA                    >The Dead Have Dreams, Grizzly Grizzly, Philadelphia, PA                              >Retrospective, The Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago, IL

2012: Peter Burr's Special Effects, Museum of the Moving Image, NY, NY and Special Effects Tour: Australia, Europe, North America                                                        >Above Ground Animation, New Museum, NY, NY                                                            >Collage Redux, Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY                                                    >Adults in the Dark: Avant-Garde Animation, Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY    >Animateka International Animated Film Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia                    >Eyeworks, Rijeka, Croatia                        >CAKE Festival, Chicago, IL                            >Fuse, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC >Staring Eyes #3, Third Party, Cincinnati, OH >Imagism in Documentary Film, DePaul Art Museum, Chicago, IL                                >Butter Elbow Animation Festival, Chicago, IL                                                                            >Reel to Real Festival, Vancouver, BC        >Sweet Magic London Festival, London, ON

2011: Eyeworks Festival, Chicago, IL        >Floating World Animation Fest, Portland, OR                                                              >Floating World Animation Fest, Show Cave, Los Angeles, CA                                            >DMTV Animation Festival, Barcelona, Spain  >ŠKVER, Mali Lošinj, Croatia                        >Video Screening, The Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN                                                          >Melbourne International Animation Festival, competition, Melbourne, Australia, >Animpact Animation Festival, Seoul, Korea

2010: Ottawa International Film Festival, Ottawa, ON                                                      >Best of the World, International Animation Festival, Hiroshima, Japan                          >Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival, Kassel, DE                                      >Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, MI >Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary, AB .                                                                        >St. John’s Women’s Film Festival, St. John’s, NL                                                                        >OCCII, Amsterdam, NL                        >Moniquini, Bordeaux, FR                      >Ramiken Crucible, New York, NY            >Couch Couch Theatre, Atlanta, GA          >Louis VESP, Brooklyn, NY                        >Show Cave, Los Angeles, CA        >Oberhausen International Film Festival, Oberhausen, DE                                          >Naked Frames, Revue Cinema, Toronto, ON >Animation Attack, Atlanta, GE          >Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation, Chicago, IL                              >Video Screening, The Pilot Light, Knoxville, TN

2009: Cartune Express Tour, North America >Citizen Jane Film Festival, Columbia, MO >Creatures in the Night Animation Fest., Montreal, PQ                                                    >SPUN 2 art light noise, Monkeytown, Brooklyn, NY

2008: OK QUOI?!? Festival, Sackville, NB >Dampcity, Pacific Cinematheque, Vancouver, BC                                                  >EX-iS Experimental Film and Video Fest., Seoul, Korea                                                      >Best of Bearded Child Film Fest. Tour, North America                                                          >Spun 2, Brooklyn, NY

2007: MadCat Film Fest. Tour, North America; Aurora Film Fest., Norwich, UK                >Battle of the Cities Film Fest., The Ice Factory, Chicago, IL (and USA tour)

2006: Ann Arbor Film Fest. and tour, USA >Clermont-Ferrand Film Fest., Clermont-Ferrand, France                                          >Onion City Experimental Film Fest., Chicago, IL                                              >Michigan Womyn's Music Fest              >MadCat Film Fest., San Francisco, CA        >Best of Bearded Child Film Fest. Tour, North America                                                            >LIFT 25th Anniversary screening, FILM IS DEAD! LONG LIVE FILM!, Art Gallery of Ontario                                                            >Notes from the Underground, Drake Hotel, Toronto, ON                                                          >33rd NorthWest Film Fest., Portland, OR >Photophobia 8 Int’l Film Fest., Hamilton, ON                                                                  >Bryant Lake Bowl, Minneapolis, MN  >Centre For Art Tapes, Halifax, NS

2005: The Bearded Child Film Fest. and tour, USA                                                        >Antimatter Film Fest., Victoria, BC        >Atlantic Film Fest., Halifax, NS              >Rendez vous with Madness Film Fest., Toronto, ON                                  >Slaughterhouse Cinema, Montreal, PQ      >100 Dollar Film Fest., Calgary, AB          >Detroit Film Center, Detroit, MI                  >The Miller-Weizel Gallery, Cleveland, OH >University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA >The Wedge Gallery, Ashville, NC                >The Pit, Jacksonville, FL                                  >Ark Warehouse, Gainesville, FL        >Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines, IA              >Iowa City Microcinema, Iowa City, IA  >Moxie Cinema, Springfield, MO  >Alternative Press Expo, San Francisco, CA >Artists’ Television Access, San Francisco, CA >Andenken Gallery, Denver, CO                  >Iron Gate Studios, Austin, TX                  >Super Happy Fun Land, Houston, TX >Eyedrum, Atlanta, GA

2004: Brazil Queer Film Fest., Brazil          >Faux Papier Moderne, RADA Gallery Montreal, PQ                                                    >CBC Radio3

2003: Zed tv, CBC television                >Winnipeg Cinematheque, MB                      >Lost Film Festival, Boston, MA          >Antimatter Film Fest, Victoria, BC          >Satan McNuggit Road Show, North America                                                        >Gaylord Festival, Vancouver, BC                  >Lost Film Festival, Boston, MA                  >Satan McNuggit Road Show, North America                                                                >Rio Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA                >Milwaukee Outdoor Experimental Film Fest., Milwaukee, WI

2002: The Dope show, Signal and Noise fest., Video In, Vancouver                                  >Images International Film Festival              >Out on Screen, Vancouver, BC          >Vazaleen, Lee's Palace, Toronto, ON >Antimatter Film Fest., Victoria, BC >Videofest, Detroit Museum of New Art, MI >Crash Film Fest, Mexico                      >NOVAC, New Orleans, LA                          >Local 7, Farmingdale, NY                                >Out North, Alaska

2001: Images Int’l Film Fest., Toronto, ON >Providence Women's Film Fest., Providence, RI                                          >Chicago Underground Film Fest., Chicago, IL                                                                      >Media City Int’l Film Fest., Windsor, ON >Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA            >La Enana Marron, Madrid, Spain            >Crash Film Fest., Mexico City, Mexico >Boston Underground Film Fest., Boston, MA                                                                      >Wild and Wooley Animation Tour, North America                                                              >Zero Room, Mexico                                    >Studio 21 Film Fest., Japan                      >Transat Video, France                                  >The Substation, Singapore              >Mediawave Film Fest., Hungary                    >The Blinding Light!! Cinema, Vancouver, BC

2000: Vancouver Underground Film Fest., Vancouver, BC                                >Regensburger Kurzfilmoche, Germany >Antimatter Film Fest., Victoria, BC  >Squeaky Wheel, NY, NY                  >Independent Exposure, Seattle, WA          >Mad Cat Film Fest. Tour, USA              >Nashville Independent Film Fest., Nashville, TN                                                                        >Ann Arbor Film Fest and Tour, USA

1999: 19th Atlantic Film Festival, Halifax, NS >Out of the Centre, Halifax, NS          >Vancouver Underground Film Fest., Vancouver, BC                                                >Splice This! Super8 Film Fest, Toronto, ON

1998: Ottawa Int’l Animation Fest., Ottawa, ON                                                                      >18th Atlantic Film Fest., Halifax, NS

1997: Images Film Fest., Toronto, ON              17th Atlantic Film Fest., Halifax, NS

Group Exhibitions


2019: collaborative fanfiction installation with FFTWINZS, Contrast Film Festival, Austin, TX                                              >Chaud Maintenant II, Galerie Galerie, Montreal, QC                                                                  >Maison Modele, Centre Clark, Montreal, QC  2017: HB NO 6/Hors Page, Centre Clark, Montreal, QC                                                          >Sluice Art Fair, London, UK                    >Unfurnished, DEMO Project, Springfield, IL    >On the Move: A Selection of Contemporary >Animations, South Bend Museum of Art, IN . 2016: Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, >Whitney Museum of American Art, NY, NY  >Terminal, Western Front Gallery, Vancouver, BC                                                                      >Stories we Tell, Harbour Front Center, Toronto, ON                                                                            2014: Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm, SE >Poetry Unlimited, Rock512Devil Gallery, Baltimore, MD                                              >Gangsta’s Paradise, Dateline Gallery, Denver, CO                                                                            2013: Drawable, Cinders Gallery, Florida, FLA >L.O. Today, Museum London, London, ON
>In Out Field, Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto, ON
2012: AfterImage, Depaul Art Museum, Chicago, IL
>Hello Amiga!, Trinity Square Video, Toronto
>Lean, Ed Video, Guelph, ON
2011:                                                                                Not Bad For London, Gibson Gallery, London, ON
>Animation Breakdown, Synchronicity Space, Los Angeles, CA
2010: Pulp Fiction, Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS
2009: Pulp Fiction, Museum of Contemporary Art, Toronto, ON
2008: Pulp Fiction, Museum London, London, ON
>Polymathic Persons, Synchronicity Space, Los Angeles, CA
2007: Going to Bed, Heaven Gallery, Chicago, IL
>New Mutants, Canada Gallery, New York, NY
>Crystal Crunch, Perugi Arte Contemporanea, Padova, Italy
>It’s A Wonderful Life, Owen’s Art Gallery, Sackville, NB
>Tales from the Cyclops Library, Third Space, St. John, NB
2006: On Sundays, Watari Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan
>NOGaDOD, Giant Robot, New York, NY
>Bit by Bit, Blackwood Gallery, Toronto, ON
>Telling Tales: Contemporary Women Cartoonists, Adam Baumgold Gallery, New York, NY
>P. P., Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2005: Bit by Bit, Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC
>Cyclops Dreams, Access Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2004: Letters From a Small Room, Jannotta Gallery, Smith College, Northampton, MA
2003: Free Mattress, Pond Gallery, San Francisco, CA
>From The Collection of Gerard Doody, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA
>Family Drawers, The Crying Room, Vancouver, BC
>Man I feel like a Woman, Space 1026, Philadelphia, PA
>Visions of the Future, Meltdown Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2002: The Village, Or Gallery, Vancouver, BC
>Homesick, Anti-Social Gallery, Vancouver, BC
1999: Autumn Gold, Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, Halifax, NS
>Fistful of Coins, Khyber Centre for the Arts, Halifax, NS
>Lost, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax, NS


Detroit Museum of New Art

Quickdraw Animation Society

University of Calgary

Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

University of Victoria

Private Collections

Artist Talks and Retrospectives

2019: Guest Artist, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette LA                                  >Artist Talk & screening: New Deer, Tokyo, JP  2018: Guest Artist: WNDX Experimental Film Festival, Winnipeg, MB                                >Guest Artist: Amy Lockhart in Conversation, C.A.S., Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA .                                                                    >Artist: Amy Lockhart and Daniel Barrow Live!, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, LA >Reading performance of rejected works, CAKE Alternative Comics Festival                    2017: Guest Artist: Show and Tell, Anthology Film Archives, New York, NY                      >Guest Artist: GLAS Animation Festival    >Guest Artist: Peck School of the Arts, UMW, Milwaukee, WI                                                >Guest Artist: California State Summer School for the Arts, CalArts, Valencia, CA .        >Guest Artist: Metamorphosis Animation Tour, Japan (Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo, Fukuoka)                                                            >2016: Guest Artist: Artist Talk, workshop, >Guest Artist, GIRAF Animation Festival >Reading performance: of Puppy Love, CAKE Alternative Comics Festival                          >Artist Talk: Comics, School of the Art Institute Chicago                                                      2015: Artist Talk, Experimental Animation Visiting Artist Series, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, CA                                              >Panelist: Ways of Something, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL                                        2014: Artist Talk and Master Class, California State Summer School for the Arts, Valencia, CA                                                                        >Artist Talk: Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, ON                            2013: Artist Talk, Hand Made Assembly Festival, Sackville, NB                                          Artist Talk: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, NS                                            2012: The Collagist, Franklin Art Works, Minneapolis, MN                                                >Solo Screening: No Women No Art Festival, Poznan, Poland                                          >Panelist: Hello Amiga!, OCAD University, Toronto, ON                                                      >Artist Talk and Screening: Depaul University, Chicago, IL                                             >Artist Talk: Ladies, Forest City Gallery, London, ON                                                          >Artist Talk: Curating DIY culture, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH .                                >Artist Talk: Animating Comics, Centre for Cartoon Studies, White River Junction, VT Artist Talk: Strategies in Drawing, Ontario College of Art, Toronto, ON .                          2011: Solo Screening: Gibson Gallery, London, ON                                                                        2010: Artist Talk and Screening: Quickdraw Animation Society, Calgary, AL                      >Artist Talk: AKA Gallery, Saskatoon, SK >Artist Talk and Screening: Ecole Estienne, Paris, FR .                                                           >Solo Screening: O.C.C.I.I., Amsterdam, NL       >Artist Talk and Screening: Monoquini, Bordeaux, FR .                                          >Curator: Let’s Toon, recent films by Canadian Independent Animators, Monoquini, Bordeaux, FR                                  2009: Artist Talk and Screening: La Centrale Gallerie Powerhouse, Montreal, PQ              2008: Artist Talk and Screening: University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA          >Solo Screening: The Torrent live at Cinecycle, Toronto, ON .                                  2007: Artist Talk and Screening, Arts For Life, Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond, BC >Curator: The Devil Lives in Hollywood and more, Conversations at the Edge, Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago, IL .                  2006: Animated works by Amy Lockhart, Murder City Series, Cinematheque, Winnipeg, MB                                                    >Solo Screening: Amy L.’s Animations, The Vogue Cinema, Sackville, NB                        2004: Artist Talk and Screening, Emily Carr College Of Art And Design, Vancouver, BC      2000: Artist Talk and Screening, Amy Lockhart-Animated, Quickdraw Animation Society, Calgary, AB
2005: Curator: Amy Lockhart and Friends, Pleasuredome, Cinecycle, Toronto, ON