Walk for Walk

Walk for Walk cross stich embroidery of a woman with blue hair
Walk for Walk cross stich embroidery by Amy Lockhart

2005, 16MM Film, 10min.

Enter the surreal, ever-changing world of  "Walk for Walk", a colourful tripped out animated landscape filled with catchy songs, eyeball kicks, goofball characters, and a great variety of babies: Warm Baby! Mister Baby! Rich Baby! And more!

This 16mm film was created using over 1,000 hand painted cut-outs and paper puppets with paper backgrounds. This is not a cell animation. This was not made digitally. The sound was recorder in an isolation box built in the living room, out of cardboard, insulation and drywall. Filmed at Quickdraw Animation Society in Calgary, AB, CA over 3months-ish. Oxberry Stand Technician = Richard Reeves. Sleeping accommodations = the library floor.

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